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CarteBlanche Ukraine NT Map Update for Garmin and Kenwood

An updated version 2016.06 of CarteBlanche Ukraine NT map for Garmin® and Kenwood® navigation systems is released. Now the map contains 942 settlements with detailed coverage. All legal users can get this update free of charge!

Map update for E2M Carte Blanche Ukraine: GPS for Android

An updated version of E2M Carte Blanche Ukraine: GPS for Android application with 2015.06 map version is available on Play Store. Now the map contains 938 settlements with detailed coverage. The update is free for all legal users!

More Time for Life, Less Money on Fuel!

Online traffic data service CarteBlanche.Traffic for Mireo DON'T PANIC application is launched!
Now the application can make even faster and more economic routes in Kyiv, bypassing morning and evening traffic congestions, accidents, road works etc.

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