Carte Blanche project is aimed at creating, distributing and keeping updated the digital maps of Ukraine for GPS navigation. We would like to make travelling around Ukraine as comfortable as possible both for the Ukrainians and the visitors of our country.

At the moment we offer navigation solutions for pocket PCs and PDAs with Windows Mobile operation system, PNDs with Windows CE operation system and Garmin® GPS navigation devices.

To create a detailed and accurate map, we use our own data, the licensed map material provided by our partners, the Geodesy and Cartography Research Institute, as well as satellite photos and various information taken from free sources, including the feedback received from our numerous users.

We do our best to provide the highest possible accuracy, relevance and functionality of our maps while maintaining an acceptable price. Should you have any suggestions or remarks concerning our map, they will be highly appreciated and taken into account in the following map versions.

Our company is the official distributor of the popular iGO navigation software in Ukraine.
In addition, Carte Blanche Ukraine Company is the official Ukrainian map material provider for Garmin® company, particularly for Garmin-Asus® nüviphone phones; for Mio company manufacturing navigation devices under its own trademark; for NNG company manufacturing iGO navigation software as well as navigation software and map provider for navigation devices from a variety of manufacturers. The relevant enterprises deal with map material compilation and releasing updates of the map of Ukraine for these navigation devices, which means that neither the time period from the delivery of map material to the release of an update, nor the frequency of update releases, nor their cost, nor the peculiarities of map material compilation depend on Carte Blanche Ukraine Company.

In this section the licensed software users can specify the update conditions and procedure according to the available navigation devices.

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