Version 3.00

Corresponding map version for NNG navigation software is 2007.10.
  • Added detailed coverage for the cities of Simferopol', Sevastopol', Kherson, Kmel'nyts'kyi, Cherkasy.
  • Street address search function now works in all 12 cities with detailed coverage.
We plan to extend the detailed coverage of the map including street address search substantially in the next version of CarteBlanche Ukraine map.
  • Improved routing in Dnipropetrovs'k, Kharkiv and L'viv.
  • Provided an option to dial POI's contact phone numbers from the GPS navigator via mobile phone (for Bluetooth compatible devices).
  • Added more than 20 road junctions captured in detail to provide precise guidance over them in Dnipropetrovs'ka, Kyivs'ka, L'vivs'ka, Mykolaivs'ka, Khersons'ka, Khmel'nyts'ka, Cherkas'ka regions and in Krym (Crimea).
We will keep adding detailed road junctions in the next versions of the map.
  • Some corrections of the address database in Kyiv.
  • Added more than 1000 POIs such as banks, ATMs, service stations, shops, restaurants, tourist attractions and other.
  • Many corrections of the road network all over Ukraine
Many thanks to Yuriy Grytsyshyn, Petro Riznyk, Valentyn Murashko, Valentyn Sovietov, Pavlo Khomenko, Volodymyr Parkhomets, Arsen from Kyiv, Oleksandr from Khmel'nyts'kyi, Serhiy from Donets'k and other customers for valuable remarks and support.
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