Welcome to the official website of Carte Blanche Ukraine, one of the leading map solution suppliers for GPS navigation in Ukraine!

We are a consolidated team of professionals in the spheres of cartography, programming, mathematics and electronics.

Our partners are world and European leaders in design and production of navigation devices and software for automotive navigation, such as Garmin, TomTom, NNG, Mio, Mireo, Ezgo, Imagis, Autoguard.

Our team is united by the love of our country, self-discipline and high standards set for ourselves and the results of our work, a positive approach to life and an eagerness to make our world better, kinder and more convenient.

Our shared goal is to make travelling around our country as comfortable as possible, both for the Ukrainians and for our foreign guests.

We consistently support the European development of Ukraine, and we are proud that on our level we have already integrated our country into Europe. In a range of popular software and hardware navigation solutions such as iGO and Mio, Carte Blanche map of Ukraine is included into “All Europe” or “Eastern Europe” map packs. Therefore, our customers are already able to enjoy door-to-door navigation without boundaries, from Luhans’k to L’viv and Lisbon, from Sevastopol’ to Chernihiv and Tallinn.

We managed to achieve this by processing geospatial data in compliance with high standards of our partners. Effective cooperation with the world leaders also guaranties that our map will be further developed, updated and enriched with new functions and possibilities, and that its quality-price ratio, level of integration with navigation software and hardware, and frequency of updates will always remain at top level.

We hope that our website will be useful for you and will help you to learn about our map and navigation solutions based on it. Should you decide to purchase any of our products or wish to find out more about them, please call or visit us or our dealers.

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