Let’s give carte blanche to our Olympians!

Congratulations to the Ukrainian medal winners of the XXX Summer Olympics!

Let’s give carte blanche to our Olympians!

Offer Logo Let’s give carte blanche to our Olympians!

We all supported our team, and we will remain your fans. We are grateful to all those who represented our country in this competition. In sports, success is usually synonymous to a medal won; however, the participation in the Olympic Games is a great achievement itself and proves a sportsman to be top-class, so all participants of the Olympics deserve our respect and admiration.

We would like to make a gift to all the members of the Ukrainian Olympic team. Each representative of our national team who participated in 2012 London Olympics can get Mireo DON'T PANIC for Android with the map of Ukraine free of charge*. You are most welcome to come to our office, or we will ship the gift to you if it is more convenient for you.

We invite all small and medium enterprises to join to the campaign and present our heroes with gifts or discounts. A full list of the Ukrainian team members is available at the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine website.
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True sportsmen and sportswomen are able to handle panic and to solve difficult situations; and using reliable navigation will help you to avoid any panic while travelling around Ukraine!

* if a proof of identity is provided

Mireo Ukraine for Android

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